Amy Lee To Guest Star

Amy Lee will be a Special Guest star for the Japanese musical instrument band, Wagakki at Castle Hall on February 16, 2020!

The exchange between the two bands began in 2018. In the past, Amy Lee saw a live video of the Japanese instrument band and an orchestra collaborating, and was invited to Los Angeles. The vocalist Yuko Suzuka and the guitarist Machiya were then impressed by Evanescence vocalist, Amy Lee and wanted to create a song together and co-star at a live performance.

Not only will Amy be participating as a special guest star, but she has been working on a new song exclusively for this live show! Amy will unveil new Japanese and English songs.

I am very excited to collaborate with Wagakki Band, one of Japan’s leading rock bands. Osaka Castle Hall on February 16 (Sunday) will be a historic moment in the Japanese music scene and a show that cannot be overlooked!

Read the article here or the english translated article here.