Amy Lee, Wasted On You & Music Week

Amy did a brief interview with Music Week and discussed the finished material for Evanescence’s upcoming album “The Bitter Truth” calling the record “big, powerful and luscious”.

Last month, fans finally got the the first taste of music from The Bitter Truth and Amy Lee has now hinted at what else is to come from the record following lead single “Wasted On You”, with “a handful of songs that are already mixed and finished and ready to go”.

Speaking to Music Week, Amy describes the band’s newest songs as “all different”, but with one uniting theme: “I think so far the one thing that ties them together is it’s going to a place that’s even more raw.”

The reason for this, Amy continues, is that Evanescence wanted to get “back to rocking” following 2017’s Synthesis, an album that featured orchestral and electronic reworkings of old material, plus two new tracks.

“[Synthesis] was incredible, as was the experience of performing with a live orchestra, but it took a lot of work on an internal level,” Amy explains. “By the end of it we were all really ready to get back to rocking. I don’t want to say our new album is stripped back, because it’s not. It’s big, powerful and luscious. But we haven’t done any orchestra on any of the new songs, and that’s not because we couldn’t get together with one because of the pandemic!”

With the band stating that they will be releasing The Bitter Truth “incrementally throughout 2020”, Amy adds, “We’re still writing our new music and the pressure’s definitely on now that we’ve released “Wasted On You”. We lit the fuse and now we’re screwed (laughs)…”

Last November, during a Reddit AMA, Amy was asked about the upcoming Evanescence album and she said that she was listening to the band’s new music “every day”.

“I’m absolutely living in it,” Amy wrote. “This is always the case for me, really, but I’m in the center of the zone right now, watching the picture take shape and swimming inside every new piece as it appears. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s dark and heavy. Its also got moments of weird and sparse. Little bit of everything. Definitely some Open Door vibes but not the same.”

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